Green Wall/ Vertical Garden

Green Wall/ Vertical Garden:-

Living walls, Plant walls, Green walls, or Vertical gardens – all refer to green and/or colourful plants attached to a permanent or moveable wall. They make a wonderful impression on anyone visiting your place of business and provide other great benefits as well. The trend towards greening built environments and transforming rooms or outdoor areas with lush accent walls made of plants or artistic living murals is growing. Since plants are natural air purifiers as well as mood, creativity, and productivity boosters, the benefits of having a living wall at home or in a workspace are obvious. They project a great image and make a positive statement for your business or space. Customers, employees and prospects love them for their visual appeal. It’s like having live plants as artwork on the wall of your office, lobby or any space where you want to make a great first impression. They are unique and interesting as well as beautiful – a great conversation piece!
Sustainability is an important aspect of architecture, and even more so today. Green walls are perceived to be one of the most effective sustainability measures utilized in architecture, preventing dust accumulation, improving air quality, contributing to healthier humidity, promoting energy efficiency and adjusting sound frequency. Many studies have presented the positive effects of furnishing green walls into ones homes and spaces, a solution to the urban constraints presented by today’s crowded cities.
The desire for green spaces in urban areas is ever increasing, with them appearing in homes, hospitals, restaurants and other business settings. As more people realize how sacred the environment truly is, some are choosing to bring nature into their homes with aesthetically pleasing living green walls or vertical gardens that add wellness and beauty while energizing interior and exterior spaces.
Living walls have been around for years and are now a fast-growing trend within work spaces. Living walls provide other benefits such as reducing noise levels and softening your environment. They clean the air we breathe by filtering toxins including carbon dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde – and they supply oxygen. As a result, they provide great health and productivity benefits because humans have an innate need to connect with nature. When we are exposed to natural environments it boosts our mood, increases our focus, and strengthens our immune system. These vertical gardens bring nature indoors in a big way.
Living walls can be created in many shapes and sizes using assorted varieties of plants. There are different types of Living Green Wall systems available from simple tray systems to moveable freestanding walls to complex self-contained irrigated units.
We at SHL, have created world class vertical gardens for MNCs, Developers, Retail Outlets, Schools, Hospitals and private residents. Our expertise ranges, from small to complex projects, with top notch quality standards. We have a dedicated team of horticulturists, who pick easy maintenance plants, for keeping a lush wall the whole year.

Benefits of Vertical Gardening

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