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Balcony Garden:-

Everyone dreams of having at least a small garden in their home. Living in the city often means you compromise on space. There’s no room for lush and beautiful yards anymore. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden that would make a Babylonian tear up. As long as you grow the right plants and tend to them properly, there is no reason you can’t have your dream balcony garden. A balcony is a luxury these days. With spaces becoming small and homes getting limited to just a couple of rooms, very few people have balconies in their houses. So if you are fortunate enough to have a balcony of your own make the most out of it and enjoy using it to the fullest. You do, however, need enough privacy to enjoy the space and make it your own.
When creating a balcony garden in a narrow space, hanging pots and baskets are key. This design allows many plants to grow in often neglected overhead space. Attaching planters to the balcony railing is another brilliant idea as it doesn't require additional space.Surveys have also showed that balconies increase luminous comfort of residents and if enhanced with greenery can ensure well-being of residents, mitigate climate changes and over all act as a stress buffer zone for dwellers. However, balconies in high rise buildings are often the second main source of heat losses after windows and doors due to their low thermal resistance values. A balcony garden can be as complicated or simple as you want. You can spend thousands of dollars or you can make one for very little money. With plant and container choices, you can either make a relatively low maintenance, easy balcony garden or you can do a full-on farm. It depends on your space, light and exposure and the amount of time, energy and/or money you want to spend.
Balcony Garden Design
Whilst the interiors of your home are given extreme emphasis, shouldn’t your balcony garden be given the same too? Since balcony gardens have spatial constraints, you must plan your layout effectively. Once you’ve checked the waterproofing of your roof, put together a layout of placements such as where you would want the turf, the vegetables, the flowers and/or the plants. Also, you need to make sure that the plants that require maximum sunlight are placed and positioned accordingly.
Balcony Plants
Plants in your balcony have multiple uses. In fact, plants are one of the hottest trends in interior design nowadays. If you don’t have an attractive view from your balcony, in addition to making your home look prettier, a well-planned balcony garden can block the view as well. Place plants on railings and in front of the railings to create a screen, and thus preventing others from seeing what’s happening inside.Plants that breathe life into your balcony design In our opinion, balconies without plants are a sad sight – so flex your green fingers and get planting! Of course, you could just wander around the garden centre and grab any plants that you like the look of.
Think Vertical
Although our balconies are tiny – built to hold an air-con compressor – we maximized our wall space with vertical gardens
Other Decoration Ideas Use display foliage. You can place potted plants with large leaves on a recessed ledge. This will also prevent clutter on the floor. You can choose to create a vibrant display with this type of arrangement. Becoming eco-friendly means using materials that are nature-friendly on the balcony: from terracotta pots, stone décor, wooden flooring, and rough woven furnishings to align better with nature. Use a potting station if you want your balcony to look tidy. You can hide the tools and plant feed in a cupboard. The shelves can display prized plants. The whole balcony, in this case, looks well-kept and organized.
At SHL, we have an awesome collection of plants and we endeavour to provide incredible designs for balconies, which utilize the given space efficiently. Consequently, both residents and visitors, get ample room for relaxation.

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